Sunday, November 3, 2013


Earlier in October I was invited by my friend Mallory (who works for Isabel Marant) to the private one-year anniversary of Isabel Marant's Melrose Place location opening. I have been a long-time admirer of Isabel Marant's designs and was stoked to be able to attend. The scene was unbelievable.... Marant hired Bureau Betak to transform the small boutique into a chic parisian BBQ. When you entered the front yard there were lanterns hanging from the trees, an air stream parked by the BBQ where you could crawl inside to get away from the crowd. Passed champagne and mojitos paired with mini cups of french fries and hot dogs. Inside, the floor was covered with vintage moroccan rugs and a stage was set up where Warpaint played an intimate show. It was like a chic 1960's house party including the prettiest people smoking and speaking a lot of French.

It was a surreal evening. We danced to Warpaint next to the adorable Marant who was being pulled every which way for photos and hello's. Milla Jovovich hosted the event and at one point she and Marant went on the stage to welcome everyone with a lot of giggles. I wish I had more photos from the night, but they are all etched into my head which is ok. Luckily there were a lot of publications documenting the night.

Warpaint playing the intimate show. You can kind of see me, Mallory, and Gabriel in the center blurred. (Photo credit WWD)

Mallory and Isabel (photo credit Ian Tong)

Mallory and I dancing to Warpaint (credit Ian Tong) 

Front yard of the boutique (Photo Credit WWD)

Airstream by the BBQ (photo credit Vogue)

This video by Bureau Betak really sums up the event and how they transformed the space

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Jin Soon nail polish in "tulle" is the best nail polish I've yet to come across. It stays on for at least 2 weeks wear/tear, dry's fast, and is a gorgeous natural color. 
Mermaid Perfume oil is my new favorite summer scent. If you're in Kansas City you can find it in the spa at Woodside Health and Tennis Club. I have been carrying this little roll-on in my bag as a refresher. It smells like orange blossoms.
A girl can never have enough Kiehl's Lip Balm in her purse or around the house. My favorite scent is Mango... PLUS it has SPF in it to keep your lips safe in the sun.
Chanel Lip Gloss in Genie. It's a pretty peachy summer shade that compliments a tan complexion.
 Sugar Rose by Fresh tinted chap stick.... it smells good and glides on your lips gently to leave a slight sun kissed tint.

Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Coconut lotion is my latest find. You can find it at most Whole Food's. I moisturize every morning and night... coconut is super good for your skin. The smell is divine. What more can I say?
Pictured with a brightly colored Missoni headband for the days your hair isn't looking it's best.

My boyfriend and I have started collecting these Apolis Market Bags. I use it to carry food bought at the Farmer's Market, the roses I pick in the garden, and as a beach/pool bag. The one pictured we bought in Montreal, but we have another one from Farmshop in LA. You kind find the Los Angeles bag on their website here for $68.
I carry around a journal almost everywhere I go for sketching, writing things I need to remember down, etc. Christian Lacroix has the prettiest papier line now... and the prices are pretty reasonable. 

Kiehl's deodorant. I swear by this to everyone. It's unscented, goes on like lotion, and works great. I will never go back to drug store deodorant.
 Roberts ROSE water is wonderful to pat on all over your face and neck when you get out of the shower to give your skin a dewy-fresh look. And it smells yummy.

I've bought two pairs of Ancient Greek Sandals this summer and already want more. I get so many compliments on them and they are comfortable and simple and go with everything.

I could go on and on about Hampton Sun. I used to hate using sun screen until finding this line. It smells SO good and they have this spray-on 8SPF bronze bottle that has added bronzer tint in it. If you spray it on before you put on your swimsuit/clothes give it about 20 seconds to dry (rub into your skin a little too) and it wont come off on anything. It also washes off easily with soap in the shower and doesn't irritate your skin. If you're in Los Angeles you can find the line at Space nK, if you're in Kansas City you can find it at Woodside Health and Tennis Club's spa. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I'm so stoked to have contributed a list of my favorite Springtime perfumes to the best blog ever- Hawaiian Coconut! I've had the nose of a hound dog my entire life, sometimes being a good thing, sometimes being a horrible thing. It has given me a love for all things that smell wonderful in the world.... including a passion for perfume. I'm lucky because so many people in my life have supported my nose, the number one person being my aunt who sends me my scent-of-the-moment every year for my Birthday and Christmas. I'm pretty sure (but not positive) it's one of the things my boyfriend loves about me. Hah! We all carry our own olfactory perception, that can be very dear to us... these are just a few that bring me different memories, new and old. Enjoy! 

Gypsy Water by Byredo:  This is a subtle scent, but my most favorite to date. It's perfect for Spring and Summer because it mixes so beautifully with wet skin from swimming in the ocean, or even sweat from hiking. It's definitely meant to be worn in nature.

Cafe Rose by Tom Ford:  I love this one for hot summer nights. It's warm with a beautiful blend of coffee, and rose (may rose and bulgarian rose). It will add some spice to your night.

White Jasmine and Mint by Jo Malone:  This scent and the next scent kind of go together for me. Driving through Los Angeles in the Springtime with the windows down is unbelievable because you're overwhelmed by the orange blossom trees and jasmine blooming. They mix quite perfectly but are also amazing standing alone. I usually wear some jasmine or orange blossoms in my hair, but will mix in one of these perfumes to accentuate the experience.

Fleur D'Oranger 27 by La Labo:  Again, orange blossoms... they are amazing. This scent perfectly captures that time in Los Angeles when the smell of orange blossoms are filling the air.

L'eau du Trente-Quatre by Diptique:  This was created to capture the time when the weather changes from Winter to Spring and everything around you is beginning to turn green. Perfect as an introduction to the season.

Iris Nobile Sublime by Acqua di Parma:  Iris is such a wonderful Springtime flower that blooms well into the Summer in some climates. I like it as a change from the normal rose, jasmine, and orange blossom as a new floral scent.

Lavandula by Penhaligon's:  I originally chose this one to try because I was looking for a good lavender scent and was surprised because instead of smelling like a bushel of freshly cut lavender, it reminded me of the lavender candy mints my mom used to put in my stocking for Christmas growing up. Love it for spring. 

Photo layout by the talented and lovely Emily of Hawaiian Coconut-- Thank you for giving me a chance at this! Xx

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Seriously, does it get anymore chic than Joan Smalls? Love her in this photo shoot she did for Vogue. Looking for a thick black headband now... 

Photo Credit:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I have a wedding in the British Virgin Islands coming up in April and I've already started to think about what I want to wear not only for the trip, but for this summer in general. 

Swimsuit shopping has never been enjoyable to me. It seems like the price of swimwear goes up each year by a ton and I'm a firm believer that a well-made swimsuit (usually more expensive) will last longer than a $20 bikini from Target. 

I've been all about the uber low-rise bikini in the past... but this summer I'm going to pull inspiration from Grace Kelly in her high-waisted bikinis, bandeaux tops, one-pieces, wide brimmed hats, and turbans. Classy, elegant, fun and chic.


Can we talk about this clutch of perfection? The Givenchy Tejus Shark Tooth clutch is made of lizard and quite possibly the best shade of red I've ever seen. I usually shy away from any color when it comes to dressing and accessories, I've been sticking to noir-chic lately, but I can see this blending well with a variety of colors for a darker take on late winter/ early spring. Forget the pastels for a moment-- just picture this clutch with a look from the Saint Laurent Spring 13 RTW collection. It would bring a touch of structure to the bohemian dress. 

Photo Credit: Style.comBarneys New York

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Row 1 left to right: pink peonies, wedding fun with B, new Givenchy wallet, pretty Stoli bottle.
Row 2 left to right: Isabel Marant dress, vintage Bottega Veneta, Brush Creek at Sunset, Saturdays tee.
Row 3 left to right: a favorite painting at the Nelson-Atkins, Y_H_B_T_I tee, my Grandmother, Voldemort the turtle in Bel Air. 
Row 4 left to right: Beverly Hills, our Brady Legler painting in the condo, vintage Bottega Veneta, chic all black outfit.


Friday, November 9, 2012


I'm on Pinterest now and loving it. It's a collection of images that inspire me categorized by color. I also have music I'm listening to at the moment, and home/architecture/art that I covet. Happy Friday everyone!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


After a good couple of hours shopping online, I believe I've come up with a pretty rad (but unrealistic) Christmas wish list. I tend to make these all year long and I must say I "reach for the stars" when it comes to price range. It's more of a dream Christmas wish list.... What can I say... I'm a dreamer ;)

Yves Saint Laurent Driving Gloves, Net-a-Porter $420 (sexy, right?) 

Missoni Oversized Beanie, Net-a-Porter $235

Missoni Crochet-knit Turban, Net-a-Porter $250

Givenchy Pearl and Pale Gold Magnetic Tusk Earring, Barneys $340 (amazing, but I feel like a magnetic earring would give an awful headache...)

Givenchy Obsedia Large Cuff, Barneys $745 (love military green for year-round)


Isabel Marant Studded Ankle Boots, Net-a-Porter $1495


Isabel Marant Devi Dress, Barneys $1090 

Byredo Gypsy Water, Barneys $220

Tuesday, October 2, 2012






 Who isn't a fan of Isabel Marant? Her collections are the essence of the quintessential Parisian woman. For Spring, her inspiration seemed to have a hint of gypset to accommodate traveling across the world. The collection has such rich colors and sweet embellishments. I LOVE the red pants and lace down dress. Those were the showstoppers in my opinion. Oh, how I long to have a wardrobe filled with every collection of Isabel Marant. I just Instagrammed something I saw in GQ magazine that read " The smoking-est women alive wear Isabel Marant" how true is that? 


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